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Three exciting jobs with the These Walls Must Fall campaign in – Liverpool, Manchester, and West Yorkshire!

Right to Remain is recruiting three paid Organisers: one in Manchester, one in Liverpool, and one in West Yorkshire. The posts are part time (14 hours a week). Funding is currently in place for one year, and will hopefully be extended after that.

This is a job for someone who is passionate about challenging the injustice and racism of the immigration and asylum system. It is for someone who believes that those who are most directly impacted by the system should be leading the calls for change.

We particularly encourage applications from people with direct lived experience of the issues that this campaign focuses on.

Organiser, These Walls Must Fall
part time (14 hours a week)
Salary: £28,338 pro-rata (£11,335 for 14 hours per week)
12 month contract (may be extended, if funding is available)
Based: Liverpool or Manchester or West Yorkshire

  • Supporting a local campaign group of people who have experienced or who are at risk of immigration detention.
  • Running a programme to help people to develop, share and use their skills and experience to play a leading role in campaigning for change.
  • Building links with allies from all communities.
  • Collectively planning, organising, and supporting local campaign activities

Closing date for applications: midnight on 23 August 2020

These Walls Must Fall is a campaign to challenge the use of immigration detention in the UK. We believe that detention is never the answer, for anyone, and we are working to bring the policy to an end.

Supported by Right to Remain, we are building a network of locally-based campaigns, made up of people directly impacted by detention and allies from across all communities. How we campaign is just as important as the ultimate goal of ending detention. Have a look at our principles, values, and strategy information:

1. Job Description

(This information is also in the downloadable Job Information document.)

You will focus mainly on organising and supporting locally-based campaigning against detention in your area of work (Liverpool, Manchester or West Yorkshire). A large part of the work will be facilitating campaign group work with people who have experienced or who are at risk of immigration detention.

The aim of this work is to:

  • Help people to develop and use their knowledge, skills and experience to play a leading role in the campaign to end detention.
  • Help strengthen the community groups that campaigners are members of.
  • Build and strengthen links with allies from all communities
  • Collectively plan, organise, encourage and support local activities that will help to meet the objectives of the campaign strategy.

NOTE: Covid-19 and places of work

You will need to be able to work from home at times. In response to the coronavirus situation, we have moved all of our activities online. All staff team are currently working from home, with support (including contribution to utilities bills and provision of equipment) to make sure that home working conditions are appropriate. As soon as it is safe to do so, we will return to face-to-face meetings and events, and our local offices.

Induction period

When you start in post we will support you to get set up, to gain a full understanding of the issues and the campaign, agree a workplan, and identify areas of the work that you feel are your strengths, and which you may need more support with. Appropriate training, internal and external, will be provided where necessary.

Our campaign works with local community groups, organisations and networks, including refugee and migrant centred ones. We already have links with many refugee and migrant organisations in the area, and you will be supported to map the area, get to know the people and organisations you will be working with, and to identify potential partners.

Main activities and responsibilities

The main work of the organiser is to support a group of people with experience of detention to take the lead in campaigning locally. The ultimate campaign aim is to end detention, but the way we campaign achieves other positive changes too: Look at our Strategy page for an overview of how the activities contribute to bringing about those changes.

With this group, you will find and work with allies to build a strong local campaign in your area. The activities will be guided by the campaign principles, values and strategy.

Building a group

You will recruit a small group of people who have experience of, or who are at risk of detention, and who want to speak out and campaign for change. Wherever possible you will recruit campaigners from existing local groups and networks, so that their participation supports the groups in their own activities. (For the Liverpool post, a group is already formed).

Campaigner development programme

You will run the These Walls Must Fall campaigner development programme with the group: six months of meetings, learning and skill-sharing sessions and campaign activities (online, or face-to-face where safe). Some of the sessions you will run yourself, some will be run by or with Right to Remain colleagues or external facilitators.

Building local alliances

You will support the campaigner development programme group to build relationships with key local groups, organisations and individuals of influence, and allies from across all communities, to get involved and active with the campaign.

Organising events and activities

With the campaign group, you will organise public events, meetings and local campaign activities. These will include both online and face-to-face activities (when it is safe to do so).

Campaign communications

You will keep people informed and active through social media, email newsletters and website news. These communications are to keep supporters and campaigners up to date with the campaign, and to reach out to potential supporters.

Team work

You will often be working on your own, or with local campaigners and partners, but you will have an Organiser colleague in your region (North West region = Liverpool and Manchester; Yorkshire region = South Yorks and West Yorks). You will be in regular contact with the full These Walls Must Fall team and Right to Remain colleagues, keep them updated on your work, and work together on activities.

2. Person Specification

The skills knowledge and experience required for the job.

(This information is also in the downloadable Job Information document.)

Note: In addition to formal, paid work experience, we recognise the great value of lived experience and voluntary activities. Your personal life experience of the immigration system, for example, can be as valuable for this job as any other experience.

If you would like to discuss this in advance of applying, please feel free to get in touch for an informal chat with the Coordinator: email to arrange a call.

Core skills, knowledge and experience

You must demonstrate that you can meet these requirements for the job.

  • Experience of community campaigning for change. Experience of campaigning on migrant rights issues is an advantage, but other campaigning experience may be just as valuable. Your experience could be professional or voluntary.
  • Ability to work independently and use your initiative. You will be part of a small team, but much of the work will be on your own, with local campaigners, keeping in touch with the team remotely, for example via video calls.
  • Understanding of immigration and detention issues in the UK.
  • Excellent organisational skills. Able to organise and prioritise your workload. Able to organise, plan and run meetings and events for and with and other people.
  • Good spoken English of at least intermediate level.
  • Written English of at least intermediate level; a level allowing you to communicate with team members and partners by email, write social media posts, keep notes of meetings, and contribute to project documents
  • Numeracy skills to a level allowing you to handle expenses, and keep an accurate record of your project spending (working with a Right to Remain Coordinator)
  • IT skills. Proficient in the use of general office software for notes, documents, report writing, basic spreadsheets, email, file management. You will also need to have experience using, or be enthusiastic about learning to use, digital platforms for communication, organising and campaigning.
  • Strong interpersonal skills – an ability to build relationships and communicate with a diverse range of people; in one-to-one, group, and public speaking situations.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with partner organisations.
  • Ability to work from home, at least during times of Coronavirus lockdown (equipment and support will be available, and extra working-from-home costs, such as utilities bills, will be covered)
  • Ability to work flexible hours including evenings and some weekends.
  • Ability to travel (ideally by public transport) to various locations in your region, and occasionally to other parts of the country.

Additional skills and experience

It would be an advantage in your application if you can demonstrate that you have experience or knowledge of some of these areas:

  • Experience of delivering training and facilitation with small and larger groups, or enthusiasm to undertake training and develop skills in this area.
  • Experience of navigating the immigration and asylum system, in your own life or helping someone else.
  • Experience of working with people with complex needs: you will be working with people who may be struggling with the impacts of precarious immigration status, experience of detention, poverty, varying levels of English skills
  • Experience of networked campaigning and/or community organising
  • A good knowledge of local organisations, groups and networks that are involved, or could become involved with the campaign in your area (Manchester, Liverpool or West Yorkshire)

Please note we are unfortunately unable to arrange work permits for people who do not already have the right to work in the UK.

3. About Right to Remain and the These Walls Must Fall campaign

Right to Remain

Right to Remain is a not-for-profit migrant rights organisation. We help people to understand the UK immigration system and establish their right to remain with dignity, safety and humanity, and we work with others to raise awareness of and challenge injustice. Find out more about Right to Remain here.

These Walls Must Fall

These Walls Must Fall is a campaign supported by Right to Remain, building local networks to challenge the use of immigration detention in the UK. The campaign has been developing for three years, focusing on two regions: North West England (mainly Liverpool and Manchester), and Yorkshire (mainly South and West). We work in these areas to build local campaigns, strategies and tactics. We freely share our learning information and resources, and encourage and support people to adopt, adapt and develop the campaign in other parts of the country.

Campaign principles and values

There are various ways to organise and campaign for change. These Walls Must Fall fits loosely into a networked campaigning model. It is not a membership organisation, and there is no constitution. Any individual, group or organisation is able to campaign under the These Walls Must Fall banner, and will be welcomed and supported by fellow-campaigners so long as activity is in agreement with the campaign principles and values. Read about our principles and values here.

Campaign strategy

We believe that a diversity of tactics and voices are necessary to bring about the change we want to see. Our strategy is to build a network of locally-based community campaigns, with migrants front and centre, working together with allies of all communities. This is designed to complement other work such as political lobbying, advocacy, legal challenges, and protest.

Our focus is more on our communities, where people are taken from, or are living under constant threat of detention, rather than just on what happens in detention centres. We believe that the alternative to detention is for people to remain living in their communities. We are organising in those local communities to build power and create the environment for law and policy change on detention (with the ultimate aim of ending the use of immigration detention altogether). Read more about how we will achieve change here.

4. How to apply

To apply, please complete the application form and email it to by midnight on 23 August 2020.

Please note we will only accept completed application forms, not CVs. We cannot consider applications that arrive after the closing date.

We will send a standard acknowledgement of all application forms received, but will only individually contact short-listed candidates.

The assessment processes

All applications will be assessed by a panel comprising a These Walls Must Fall Organiser, a campaigner from one of the groups, a Right to Remain Coordinator, and a voluntary member of the Right to Remain Management Committee (find out about the RtR Management Committee here).

The panel will assess all applications on an equal basis, with a points system to evaluate how the application meets each aspect of the required skills, knowledge and experience outlined in the job description and person specification. Each applicant will have a different range of strengths, gained through lived experience, voluntary and/or professional work. We are looking for the best balance of strengths and abilities to do the job well. Remember to address the job description and person specification in your application, to demonstrate how your skills, knowledge and experience meet those requirements. The panel will draw up a shortlist of the top scoring applications, and invite the shortlisted people to interview.

The interview

The interview date for shortlisted applicants will be 3 or 4 September. We will confirm the date and times to shortlisted applicants as soon as possible.

The interviews will take place by video call using Zoom. We will offer help to all interviewees to get set up for video-calling.

The interviews will be with the same four-person panel who assessed the applications. The purpose of the interview is to meet you to ask a few questions related to the job description and person specification, to get a little more information than a written application allows. It is also an opportunity for you to meet the team and ask any questions you may have.

Disclosure of unspent convictions – DBS

Any offer of employment will be subject to the satisfactory completion of a criminal convictions disclosure form, detailing any unspent convictions (via the Disclosure and Barring Service). The disclosure of convictions will not automatically lead to the withdrawal of an offer of employment as the relevance and timing of convictions will be considered.