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These Walls Must Fall is an initiative to raise awareness of and challenge the use of detention in the immigration and asylum system. Together we can work to create the environment where politicians feel confident and compelled to push for real, lasting change and make the routine administrative detention of people for immigration purposes a thing of the past.

The signatories to this declaration agree:

1. That the practice of indefinite detention for immigration purposes is an unacceptable breach of basic human rights. It is an affront to some of our most important shared values, robbing people of the right to liberty, justice and dignity.
2. That the harm and injustice of the detention system, its direct impact on individuals and on our society, cannot be addressed by improvements to conditions, or minor reforms to the way the system is operated.
3. That indefinite detention is a serious civil rights issue that must not be ignored. We have a responsibility to act, and we will work to expose this injustice and bring an end to the practice of indefinite detention.

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