Freed Voices.

Together we have lost over 20 years of our lives to detention in the UK. Last night’s Panorama, “Undercover: Britain’s Immigration Secrets“, showed horrific scenes of abuse and mistreatment of people in detention. This is something anyone who has been detained can relate to. Sadly, it is neither unique nor isolated – it is routine in detention. Freed Voices members have been detained across the country and we all share the same stories of violence, emotional abuse and sleepless nights.

In detention, everyone loses. 

There’s already mountains of evidence that detention doesn’t work, and several Parliamentary reviews, including the Shaw Review commissioned by the government themselves, have recommended radical reform. But where is it? No more excuses. The government promotes British values of fairness and human rights around the world. It is time to practice what they preach at home. We want to see the walls of detention fall.

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