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Refugees and migrants demand equality, dignity, respect. The immigration bail reporting system is an assault on these values. We are calling for an end to mandatory in-person reporting.

Abolish Reporting campaign

People are being taken from our communities and locked up in prison-like detention centres, without time limit, with no idea of when they might be released.


They just don't have the correct immigration papers.

This is unacceptable.
This has to end.

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Worried about detention?

See the Right to Remain Toolkit

Latest news

We Want Freedom – webinar videos

Videos from our We Want Freedom webinar on supporting each other and resisiting the hostile environment

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‘In a place like prison’: voices from institutional asylum accommodation

This timely report reveals the disturbing reality of life in the new institutional asylum accommodation in Britain, with expert evidence from people forced to live in this system.

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digital illustration of a group of smiling people, with These Walls Must Fall t-shirts and leaflets

We are recruiting! Liverpool Organiser

Right to Remain is recruiting a paid Organiser for our These Walls Must Fall project in Liverpool, to join our small team of Organisers currently working across Manchester, West and South Yorkshire.

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National demo at new women’s detention centre – Sat 4 Dec

National demonstration called, in protest at the opening of the new immigration detention centre for women on England. Saturday 4 December

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Group of people around a table

Linking Liverpool Connections against the Hostile Environment

Campaigners and allies linking up in Liverpool. “This event encouraged allies to act from a place of solidarity and justice, rather than pity or charity..”

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Wilson Mukerjee receives award

Award for Liverpool Campaigner

Liverpool Campaigner Wilson Mukerjee receives Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service.

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A people-powered network

These Walls Must Fall is a growing network of groups, organisations, communities, people. People from all sorts of backgrounds but with one thing in common: a determination to end the injustice of immigration detention.

People are pushing the campaign through their community groups, voluntary organisations, charities, trade unions, activist groups, faith communities, student societies, sports clubs... the list keeps growing!

When you have these people, groups, organisations, communities, acting together, it all adds up to some serious people power. This is what it will take to convince the politicians that they must act to shut down the detention centres.

Get involved!

There are lots of ways that you can get involved in the These Walls Must Fall campaign.

To start off, sign up here. to show your support and receive campaign updates and alerts, national and in your area. And if you are a member of a community or faith group, a trade union, a political party or any kind of group or organisation,  see if they can add their support to the campaign.

See the TAKE ACTION page for background information and campaigning materials.

Look out for campaign news and events in your area, spread the word on social media, with the #TheseWallsMustFall hashtag, and get in touch with questions, ideas, thoughts and suggestions

Worried about detention?


The Right to Remain Toolkit has information and advice to help people at risk of detention, and their friends, family and supporters.



What is detention?

Immigration detention is the government policy of locking up people who do not (yet) have leave to remain in the UK, or whose leave to remain has expired. Detention is like prison, people are locked up by guards, behind bars and barbed wire. It's a dark part of the immigration and asylum system.

28,000 people are detained every year

Up to 3,000 people are in detention at any one time, and many thousands more are at risk of being detained any day, without warning.

There is no time limit on detention

This means that when someone is detained they do not know if it will be for weeks, months, or years. Britain is the only country in Europe without a time limit.

Most people are eventually released - so why detain?

The majority of people in detention are eventually released into the community to continue their immigration or asylum applications, begging the question: why detain them in the first place?

Detention causes serious harm

Independent research has shown that detention causes harm to people's physical and mental health. Vulnerable people deteriorate in detention, and people who were not vulnerable before become vulnerable.

Detention is outrageously expensive

The government spends around £164 million on detention every year. The human cost is immeasurable.

Detention cannot be justified

Immigration detention involves violence and fear and trauma. It is a wholly unnecessary, unjustifiable practice, one of the most harmful aspects of the UK's "hostile environment" for migrants and a shameful civil rights abuse that cannot be ignored.