take action

Immigration detention is a national policy, but we believe change will come from local communities calling for change at a local level.

It is local communities that are being damaged and divided by detention, and it is from local communities that people are snatched and taken many miles away, locked up in detention centres indefinitely.

Local people – constituents – have the power to influence their MPs to speak out and take action against detention, and create a climate of intolerance to this unjust and immoral policy. You can give our elected representatives the confidence, the courage and the motivation to be part of challenging immigration detention.

What can you do?

  • Join the campaign – Sign the declaration!

  • Speak to your MP about detention. Use the These Walls Must Fall resources (including the recommendations of the cross-party parliamentary inquiry that called for radical reform)
  • Speak to councillors about passing a motion against the use of immigration detention (and the mechanisms that lead to it, such as immigration raids and stop-and-searches) in your local area
  • Attend local events, hand out leaflets, and talk to people about what’s wrong with detention and why it has to change
  • Ask your local trade union branch about adopting immigration detention as an issue, and passing a motion in favour of taking action
  • Contact local churches, mosques, temples, synagogues and other places of worship about being part of saying no to this immoral policy
  • Speak to leaders of faith communities and other local communities about joining the campaign
  • Set up your own campaign group, reaching out to potential allies in your local area
  • Speak to the local media and see if they are interested in a story about how immigration detention affects the local area
  • Get in touch with the campaign for info, help and support – email These Walls Must Fall.
  • Sign up to the newsletter