Challenging immigration detention.
These Walls Must Fall campaign meeting

Speakers include:

Shadow Immigration Minister, Afzal Khan MP
Unite the Union, NW389 Social Action Branch
Right to Remain
Manchester Migrant Solidarity
Women Asylum Seekers Together

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Residents of Greater Manchester are being taken from our communities, locked up in far-off detention centres with no time limit, no idea of when they might be released. Not for having committed any crime. This is indefinite imprisonment purely for the purposes of immigration administration and enforcement.

In Greater Manchester we are building community campaign to expose and challenge this injustice. We will not stand by while our friends and neighbours suffer this abuse. We will work together to support each other and bring an end to the practice of indefinite detention.

This locally rooted campaign, with the support of community organisations, trade unions, faith leaders, local political representatives, groups and individual residents acting together can build concrete solidarity and bring about real change. Join us.

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